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I perform with two wonderful St. Louis area bands! Check us out!

Logo designed by  Alvin Zamudio !

Logo designed by Alvin Zamudio!

PC:  Katie Stanley , St. Charles, MO, August 2015

PC: Katie Stanley, St. Charles, MO, August 2015

The Main Street Remnants

The Main Street Remnants' love for sharing music is tangible. At a typical show, you'll hear lots of guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, & 3-pt harmonies!

Logo designed by  Laurea McLeland !

Logo designed by Laurea McLeland!

PC:  Holly Barber , Alton, IL, September 2016

PC: Holly Barber, Alton, IL, September 2016

The Bonbon Plot

The Bonbon Plot blends bossa nova, samba, and modern French jazz with an indie twist to produce a fresh sound. Holly Barber sits in regularly on vocals!