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Here are some projects I've worked on as a composer/songwriter!

Logo Design:  Katie Stanley , 2018

Logo Design: Katie Stanley, 2018

The Vegan of Venice: A New One-Act Musical

Book & Lyrics by Alice Stanley, Jr.

Music by Holly Barber and Alice Stanley, Jr.

Overland Soundtrack


Theme song and incidental music for the modern Western mystery web series Overland, written and directed by Piper Hillman. Season One is complete...check it out!

Promo Video Music

Dreamy Pop/Soundtrack

Background music for a short promo video, March 2014.

PC:  Katie Stanley , 2014, Elsah, IL

PC: Katie Stanley, 2014, Elsah, IL

"Way to the Top"

Written by Eddie Buchanan and Holly Barber

Performed live by Eddie Buchanan & Co (Eddie Buchanan, Holly Barber, Matt Henry, Brian Horneyer, and Stephen Ranney) at Picasso's Coffee House, Spring 2013

Video Art Design and Animation by Amillya Naeger

See the Light: Favorite Songs by Holly Barber

Upbeat folk/pop with a musical theater afternote.

Some favorite songs that I've written or co-written over the years!

Way to the Top (Jetcopter)

(a collaboration with Eddie Buchanan)